Necklace Set with Classic earrings

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StyleAfrican, Asian, European, Fusion, Indian, Western
Plating ColourTwo Tone
Stone ColourFull White
Stone SizeMix

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Back Chain Details Includes Back Chain along with adjustable extensions so that it fits all neck sizes.
Metal High Quality Brass is the base metal of this Jewelry Set. Brass is an alloy of Copper, Zinc and certain other metals. The quality of Brass depends on the proportion in which metals are used. An ideal proportion ensures malleability as well as durability.
Interesting Facts These Jewelry Sets undergo about 40 hours of Designing Work alone! Concept thinking & Hand Sketching is done with multiple revisions's tough!
Gemstone Setting Process Diamond or Prong Setting. Every gemstone in this Jewelry Necklace Set is set in prongs from 4 sides. Note: the stones are not glued ! Beware of Fake Cz Jewelry where stones are glued.
Plating Process Electroplated with 24 carat Gold for Yellow color. Rhodium is used to electroplate in Silver color.
Size Info This Necklace Set has been designed in such a flexible way that it will easily fit in any Neck size.
Jewelry Care Like all precious things, Jewelry needs your care. Please do not spray perfume on this set and keep it away from cosmetic chemicals. If take care of this jewelry it will last atleast 10 years without loosing its shine.